Bed Bugs Heat Treatment

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Bed Bugs Heat Treatment
There are many different thermal systems for killing bed bugs. Dead Hot Bugs uses the highest quality, hydronic system on the market today to exterminate bed bugs. We chose the hydronic heat system for killing bed bugs because that’s all we do; Dead Hot Bugs is a bed bugs exterminator only. If the hydronic system is the best, why don’t all companies use it? Because it is the most expensive to purchase from the manufacturer. We are a local company that proudly services the Columbus and greater central Ohio area, and do our part preserve the environment. Other companies use harmful chemicals, and they need to in order to exterminate a wide range of pests. Bed bugs, however, have become resilient to most, if not all, traditional pesticides approved by the EPA. Not only does Dead Hot Bugs use heat, but by using the hydronic system it allows us to efficiently heat your home to kill bed bugs without the use of loud, disruptive generators. Our hydronic system uses diesel fuel to heat the food grade glycol that runs to our fan coils. No risky, bulky propane tanks will be sitting in your porch.
Discretion is also a priority for us. If you like, we can remove all signage from our trucks and equipment before arriving at your home. If you want to tell the neighbors that you’re having your carpets cleaned, that is fine by us.

Bed Bugs Heat Treatment
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